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Why choose Matt O'Neill?

You should choose Matt O'Neill for your next health seminar or training day for three simple reasons:

Content - With dual qualifications as an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and Exercise Physiologist, Matt has the rare ability to cover a wide range of health topics with the currency, depth and real-life applicability audiences demand.

Credibility - Matt has been Nutritionist for Choice magazine and regularly appears on national television with commentary on food, fitness and wellbeing issues. He has delivered seminars in eight countries.

Connection - Matt's humorous and engaging presentation style creates a real connection and builds trust with audiences. Each seminar is a memorable experience that the audience can share with family, friends and workmates.



Keynote seminars

Matt's seminars cover health, nutrition, fitness and the psychology of wellbeing. If you would like a customised topic presented or just want to make sure your seminar has the desired impact, let Matt know. He can recommend content and delivery to meet your needs.

Low Risk Lifestyle

Get to know the health risk factors that really affect you. Learn the why, when and how to act on cholesterol, blood sugars and other key risk factors that you can minimise. You'll experience a light-hearted look at the serious side of wellbeing so you can live stronger for longer.

Metabolic Jumpstart

A healthy metabolism is essential to stay in good shape. Learn the facts and the myths surrounding metabolic rate. How does meal timing, movement, muscle mass and more, make a difference? Find out how to fire up your metabolic furnace to burn more calories, lower blood sugars and feel fantastic.

Energised Eating

What, when and how should I eat for health and fitness? Hear the answers and discover the top 10 super foods to keep you in shape, inside and out. You'll leave with loads of practical food tips for meals and snacks that will keep you on top of your game.

Flow Zone Living

To be truly healthy, you must win the mind game. Discover insights into behaviour and emotions and leave with practical strategies to manage stress, boredom, time and priorities. With skill power you won't need to rely on will power.




With every one of Matt's seminars you also receive:

Action-based handouts for participants

PDF of the seminar slides for participants

Audio recording mp3 file to share with participants

Option for participants to sign up for Matt's monthly SmartShaping eNewsletter

Option of providing participants with up to 61 printable Tip Sheets covering nutrition, fitness, motivation and wellbeing



Seminar Series & Tip Sheets

Matt offers a comprehensive seminar series of 20 additional seminars. Each seminar comes with 2-4 participant Tip Sheets for the audience to take away, copy and share. Material from these seminars can also be integrated into Matt's keynote presentations.

1. Cutting Diet Confusion

How to evaluate fad diet claims.

2. Activating Activity

Benefits of activity, how to make a plan.

  • 51 reasons to be active
  • 51 ways to be active
  • My physical activity plan (worksheet)
3. Cooking Lean

The right cooking equipment, low-fat cooking tips.

  • A well stocked kitchen
  • Lower fat cooking tips
  • Weekly dinner planner (worksheet)
4. Supermarket Savvy

Calorie conscious food shopping tips.

  • Supermarket shopping tips
  • Money saving grocery tips
  • My smart grocery list
5. Food Label Lowdown

Facts on food labels and how to read them.

  • Food label facts
  • Understanding nutrition claims
  • Reading nutrition panels
6. Eating Well Eating Out

Choosing healthy takeaways, restaurant tips.

  • Tips for lower calorie fast foods
  • Cutting fat when dining out
  • Planning your restaurant meal
7. Alcohol Smarts

What is a standard drink and tips to manage your drinks.

  • Alcoholic drink calorie counter
  • Tips to limit alcohol intake
8. Optimum Eating

All about antioxidants, eating to boost health.

  • Fruit and veg - What is a serve?
  • New fruits and veggies I can try
  • Top 10 super healthy foods
9. Healthy Appetites

How to manage hunger and appetite.

  • Tips to avoiding portion distortion
  • 10 feel-full fundamentals
10. Eating Right at Night

How to deal with night-time munchies.

  • Eating at night
  • Chocolate cravings
  • Things to do instead of eating
11. Successful social eating

How to survive parties, dinners and holidays.

  • High calorie food traps
  • Partying without the pounds
  • Waist wise Christmas tips
  • Low fat festive food tips
12. Beating Eating Triggers

Sensations, locations, emotions and relationships.

  • Beating eating triggers - Sensations
  • Beating eating triggers - Locations
  • Beating eating triggers - Emotions
  • Beating eating triggers - Relations
13. Success Support Crew

Buddies, cheerleaders, saboteurs and hecklers.

  • My success support crew - Buddies
  • My success support crew - Cheerleaders
  • My success support crew - Hecklers
  • My success support crew - Saboteurs
14. Stress to success

How to manage stress, find flow, escape and relax.

  • What stresses me out?
  • Tips to reduce stress
15. Making Time

Tips for better time management, time to eat and exercise.

  • Time management - How do I rate?
  • 8 time winning strategies
  • My time plan (worksheet)
16. Outsmarting plateaus

Why plateaus occur and how to manage them

  • 7 reasons why plateaus occur
  • 7 ways to break a plateau
17. Staying on track

Key actions for success, what successful losers do.

  • Habit swap and stop worksheet
  • Traps that put you off track
  • Tips to stay on track
18. Family Fitness

How to get the family active and eating well.

  • Helping an overweight child
  • Helping the fussy eater
  • Tips for healthy family eating
  • Boosting family physical activity
19. Dealing with slip ups

How to manage set-backs.

  • 7 Stages of dieting
  • Re-energising my efforts
  • Slips don't have to be setbacks
20. Laughing more

Health benefits of laughter, tips to laugh more.

  • 7 Reasons to laugh more
  • How to laugh more
  • Things to make you laugh



In-House Training

Matt provides in-house and staff training for fitness centres and health-related businesses. He can design a half-day or full-day workshop that will inform and inspire your staff.

Your training program can educate and skill your staff on using any of Matt's resources, including NutritionPT, his Tip Sheet Set and Seminar Presenters Package.

An annual seminar program can be scheduled so your staff training needs are met for the year. Simply let Matt know your needs.



Client Feedback

Here are a few comments from people I've presented seminars and workshops for.

“Thank you for your presentation at Baker & McKenzie on behalf of the Baker & McKenzie Sports Club on Wednesday, 23 January 2002. It was terrific! We had a record number of people attend (about 85) and as you could see the room was packed.

The feedback was positive and those who attended indicated their interest by asking many questions and receiving practical answers. The humour and the pace kept everyone's attention. Your inclusion and coverage of the 'corporate condition' was excellent.

Margaret Hammond - Baker & McKenzie Sports Club

“ … Matt has an ability to engage his audience and relay a serious message in a fun and light-hearted style. Our aim was to ensure our staff came away from the sessions better informed and motivated to improve their diet and lifestyle. We believe Matt was the ideal person to help achieve this goal… “

Ellen Stanley, Human Resources Advisor - Caltex Australia

“Few people have Matt's ability to present this potentially sober material in such a compelling way. He always correctly pitches his material to suit his diverse audiences, and delivers it with humour, and sparkle. In his work for the Foundation, Matt has spoken to intimate audiences of thirty, and to larger audiences of eight hundred secondary school girls. The feedback is universally positive and we receive constant requests to engage his services.

Matt has for many years been committed to improving the physical and emotional health of young Australians. His research and high media profile supplement his extraordinary capacity to deliver a message that is practical, sensible, educational, thoughtful, engaging and vastly entertaining. He has my warmest endorsement."

Amanda Jordon - Chairperson, Eating Disorders Foundation of NSW Inc.

“Matt O'Neill presented the program “The Art of Life, Culinary Skills and a Healthy Diet” to a large group of doctors at a cooking school on 19th October 2002.

It was a very informative and enjoyable presentation. The doctors were very impressed with Matt's extensive knowledge, impeccable presentation skills and good sense of humour. Matt kept their attention and gave extremely practical, thorough answers to all their questions.

I've known Matt for a year. He has always been inspirational, motivating and full of positive exciting vitality. Due to the fantastic feedback we received from his presentation, I have arranged to hold future meetings, with Matt as guest speaker, next year!”

Mara Bontempo-Ross - Pfizer

Matt's ability to read his audience well was very evident and showed his professionalism and knowledge of his subject to be of the highest quality. The feedback from his presentation has been overwhelming.

Kristyne Van Schieven - President, Women in Business Bateman's Bay

I am writing to thank you so much for presenting to our instructors. The feedback from the attendees has been outstanding. Everyone had a great time

Gail Freeman - President, Fitness ACT

Thank you so much for being the Master of Ceremonies at our Dietitian's Asssociation NSW Awards Night. The feedback has been excellent!. Everyone adored you. You bought the right kind of merriment to the event exactly the way I thought you would.

Lisa Yates - DAA NSW Branch Chairperson



More about Matt

Matt O'Neill
BSpSc, MSc(Nut&Diet), APD, AN, Nutritionist

Matt O'Neill is one of Australia's top Nutritionists, a regular on Channel 7's Sunrise and Morning Show. He is also the Weight Loss Coach for Men's Health Magazine (Aust). His trusted advice has helped millions of people enhance their diet, wellbeing and body shape.

Matt is the Director and Nutritionist at the SmartShape Centre for Weight Management, which he founded in 2000 to provide people with inspring weight loss tips tools and training.

He has delivered over 1000 media interviews, hundreds of seminars and has presented in 8 countries.

Before he founded SmartShape, Matt was the Nutritionist and Senior Food Policy Officer for the Australian Consumers Assocoiation / Choice Magazine.

Matt is on a mission- Mission Metabolism - to Jumpstart the nation (and the world) to eat well, be active and maintain a healthy metabolism. Learn more about his client program at Metabolic Jumpstart.

Although Matt has attempted to develop normal recreational hobbies, his pass-times with the exception of exercise, include website design, desktop publishing, video editing and other communication media. He integrates these skills into his work to provide exceptional education experiences.



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