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Who can enrol?

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Our courses are primarily designed for Fitness Professionals, but anyone with an interest and passion for nutrition and weight management can enrol.

Here are some good reasons to enrol...

"I want to learn how to eat well, exercise regularly and stay motivated to keep in shape."

I want to earn Fitness Australia CEC points.

I want to make sure I have the best training before I can confidently start my weight loss business.

I am keen to learn how to get people moving, but I don't necessarily want to become a Personal Trainer.

I want to get a taste of studying nutrition before I commit to a university course.

I am keen on refreshing my knowledge and having all my questions answered by experts.

I need to experience a few topics before I decide if I want to study nutrition, fitness or counselling.

I just want to know more about how my body works.

I need a good dose of motivation to get me started on my new career.



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