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Seminar Presenter's Package

Download a brochureYou can present informative and fun nutrition, fitness and weight loss seminars with a package that gives you all the tools.

If you've been thinking about presenting a seminar for your clients or members, now you can start doing it. All the hard work has been done for you.

Matt O'Neill's Seminar Presenter's Package

Now downloadable. No folder included.

Includes all 61 Tip Sheets in the SmartShape Tip Sheet Set.

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Upgrades for existing customers

Seminar Presenter's Package Benefits:

  • Easily add seminars to your nutrition and fitness services.
  • Integrate powerful education sessions into your wellbeing program.
  • Prepare your professional looking seminars in a fraction of time.
  • Say 'Yes' to seminar requests because the preparation work has been done for you.
  • Develop your presentation skills to a new level and even a new career.
  • Offer professional participant handouts at every seminar.
  • Offer more effective advice by giving clients solutions for their specific dietary challenges, for example, eating out, eating at night or social eating.
  • Keep clients coming back for more information that they can share with their family and friends.
  • Combat dietary misinformation with quality education produced by Dietitian and Professional Speaker, Matt O'Neill.
Become an invaluable face-to-face resource for your clients - Expand your knowledge and skills to cover 20 popular nutrition, fitness and weight loss topics.

Ideas for using the Seminar Presenter's Package:

  • Present lifestyle seminars to reach more clients with less effort.
  • Provide a weekly or monthly seminar to members as a value-added service.
  • Offer seminars as a marketing activity or to recruit more clients.
  • Target the corporate market or your employees with lunchtime seminars.
  • Use over 6 hours of Matt O'Neill's seminar audios to become an expert for your one-on-one clients.
Use this flexible package to suit your program - You choose how to integrate the seminars to benefit your existing program.

What do I get in my Presenter's Package?

  • 20 Seminars prepared and ready to present
  • 2-4 Tip Sheets per seminar - all 60 Tip Sheets in the SmartShape Tip Sheet Set
  • 20 Minute audio of every seminar delivered by Matt O'Neill (over 6 hours of audio)
  • Written transcripts to read and make notes on before you present
  • Professional Powerpoint slides for each seminar
  • Easy-to-follow written Seminar Presenter's Guides and Seminar Snapshots
  • All delivered to you via Dropbox download (folder not included)
Enhance your presentation skills - With the content already done, you can focus on your delivery to give your seminar participants a great experience.

What seminar topics are included?

The 20 seminars are logically ordered in 20 topics. Here's a full list of the seminar topics and included Tip Sheets you can now use to present powerful seminars with just a fraction of the preparation time.

1. Cutting Diet Confusion

  • Diet confusion - How do I rate?
  • Diet myths that won't go away
  • 7 Questions about diet stories
  • 10 Keys to diet success
2. Activating Activity
  • 51 reasons to be active
  • 51 ways to be active
  • My physical activity plan (worksheet)
3. Cooking Lean
  • A well stocked kitchen
  • Lower fat cooking tips
  • Weekly dinner planner (worksheet)
4. Supermarket Savvy
  • Supermarket shopping tips
  • Money saving grocery tips
  • My smart grocery list
5. Food Label Lowdown
  • Food label facts
  • Understanding nutrition claims
  • Reading nutrition panels
6. Eating Well Eating Out
  • Tips for lower calorie fast foods
  • Cutting fat when dining out
  • Planning your restaurant meal
7. Alcohol Smarts
  • Alcoholic drink calorie counter
  • Tips to limit alcohol intake
8. Optimum Eating
  • Fruit and veg - What is a serve?
  • New fruits and veggies I can try
  • Top 10 super healthy foods
9. Healthy Appetites
  • Tips to avoiding portion distortion
  • 10 feel-full fundamentals
10. Eating Right at Night
  • Eating at night
  • Chocolate cravings
  • Things to do instead of eating
11. Successful social eating
  • High calorie food traps
  • Partying without the pounds
  • Waist wise Christmas tips
  • Low fat festive food tips
12. Beating Eating Triggers
  • Beating eating triggers - Sensations
  • Beating eating triggers - Locations
  • Beating eating triggers - Emotions
  • Beating eating triggers - Relations
13. Success Support Crew
  • My success support crew - Buddies
  • My success support crew - Cheerleaders
  • My success support crew - Hecklers
  • My success support crew - Saboteurs
14. Stress to success
  • What stresses me out?
  • Tips to reduce stress
15. Making Time
  • Time management - How do I rate?
  • 8 time winning strategies
  • My time plan (worksheet)
16. Outsmarting plateaus
  • 7 reasons why plateaus occur
  • 7 ways to break a plateau
17. Staying on track
  • Habit swap and stop worksheet
  • Traps that put you off track
  • Tips to stay on track
18. Family Fitness
  • Helping an overweight child
  • Helping the fussy eater
  • Tips for healthy family eating
  • Boosting family physical activity
19. Dealing with slip ups
  • 7 Stages of dieting
  • Re-energising my efforts
  • Slips don't have to be setbacks
20. Dealing with slip ups
  • 7 Reasons to laugh more
  • How to laugh more
  • Things to make you laugh
You now have a new seminar each week for 20 weeks or one each fortnight for almost a year to build your seminar program!

How are my seminars structured?

Small group seminars are a great way for clients to enjoy learning new information and skills that they can use immediately to reach their goals faster.

The seminar structure, content and Tip Sheets have been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to deliver a great seminar experience.

The format you follow and the materials you provide have a clear objective - to help you give clients information and strategies they can use NOW to get better results.

Each seminar includes a seminar overview, learning points and four take-home messages.

And you can listen to how it's done

Before you deliver each presentation you can listen to an audio recording of the seminar. Matt O'Neill takes you through your presentation, step-by-step, to show you the information to cover and how to deliver a great seminar experience. Matt's audio recording of each seminar is included in your package.

Your Presenter's Guide makes it easy

Each written Seminar Presenter Guide contains what you need to know to deliver the topic in an interesting, interactive and entertaining way.

Here's what you'll find in every Seminar Presenter's Guide:

Seminar overview

This is a punchy one-line explanation of the seminar. If someone asks you what the seminar is about, these are the words to tell them. Use this overview as a simple pitch to encourage clients to attend your seminar.

Here's an example of a Seminar overview:

The Healthy Appetites seminar will enhance your appetite management and reduce overeating to help you keep your diet on track.

Learning points

These are the main learning objectives for the seminar and represent what you will teach clients. You can also use these points to expand on the seminar overview to promote the seminar.

Here's an example of what participants will learn in Seminar 9 - Healthy Appetites:

  • How to pick the difference between real hunger and annoying cravings.
  • How to rate your hunger and fullness throughout the day.
  • Simple strategies to avoid overeating.

Seminar snapshot

The Seminar Snapshot shows you the structure and a content summary of the seminar. It's a table that lists the seminar parts or sections, your tasks and participant tasks. It also shows you when to present the visuals, provide handouts and how to interact with participants. Use this as a blueprint of what you have to cover and how to do it.

Take home messages

These are the key action-based messages you want participants to leave the seminar with. They are listed on the final seminar visual to prompt your focus on these.

Here's an example of take home messages:

  • Ask “Am I really hungry?” - Hunger is the natural biological drive to find and eat food for the energy our body needs. Appetite is the subjective desire to eat, often in the absence of hunger, often resulting in eating excess calories.
  • Rate your hunger & fullness - Rate hunger level just before you eat and fullness when you stop eating. Aim to stay within the scale of slightly hungry (score of 4) to feeling satisfied (score of 6).
  • Feel fuller on fewer calories - Eat more slowly and choose foods that are filling and not fattening.
  • Limit portion sizes - Use practical tips to reduce your portion sizes and stay within the `feed limit'.

Participant handouts

These are the printed materials participants get to take home. Most handouts are in the form of brief Tip Sheets. These feature check boxes, so you can ask participants to tick the tips that they will use. This helps make the seminar action-based and interactive. You receive printable PDF files of every handout, so you can print multiple copies of these for participants.

Here's an example of Participant handouts:

  • Tip Sheets - 1. 10 Feel-Full Fundamentals, 2. Tips to avoid portion distortion.
  • Fridge card - Hunger-Fullness rating scale.

Powerpoint visuals

Your Seminar Presenter's Package includes 6 Powerpoint slides for each seminar. Each slide is clear and simple to make sure the messages are easily understood.

Presenter preparation checklist

To help you put together a fantastic presentation, ensure you complete the Presenter Preparation Checklist before you deliver each seminar.

Here's your checklist for every seminar:

  • Study the Presenter's Guide, Visuals and Participant Materials.
  • Listen to the audio seminar delivered by Matt O'Neill and make notes.
  • Copy participant handouts.
  • Deliver the seminar to family, friends or staff to ensure you are ready.

How are my Tip Sheets formatted?

Each Tip Sheet is provided as a formatted A4 size Adobe PDF document. Most Tip Sheets are a single page for quick reading. Each Tip Sheet features 14-point Arial font and many have check-boxes for clients to tick the tips that they will use. The Tip Sheets are more than Fact Sheets that may be read and discarded. They are powerful tools for making lifestyle changes that work.

BONUS - Newsletter content at your fingertips

Writing material for your newsletter or website is now easy. You can also copy the Tip Sheet information for your client newsletter or place it on your website. No more long hours putting together tips for your newsletters. You have weekly articles ready to use.

As a special bonus you also receive unformatted Microsoft Word versions of all 61 Tip Sheets - Simply cut and paste the content into your documents or website.

Add your logo for greater value

SmartShape Tip 
SheetsEnhance your professional image and market your services by adding your name and details or your business logo to all 61 Tip Sheets. Your logo will appear where the SmartShape logo appears in the image sample on the right.

Download a sample - SmartShape Tip Sheet - 10 Keys to Diet Success
(151kb PDF) Right click > Save As > Open saved copy

When you order this option, and we receive your logo by email, we produce a customised logo version of your Tip Sheet Set. You can email your logo as a high resolution (eps) file or ask any questions about logo formats -

For individual professionals and organisations

The Seminar Presenter's Package is ideal for use by both individual professionals and businesses with multiple staff. Prices for the package are based on how many health professionals or staff will be presenting the seminars.

  • If you are a Personal Trainer, Dietitian or other Health Professional providing individual services, choose the Single User Seminar Presenter's Package.
  • If you are a Fitness Centre or other Organisation with more than one staff member who will be presenting the seminars, choose the Multiuser Club / Company Seminar Presenter's Package.

No ongoing fees with your user license

You pay a once-only fee to use the Seminar Presenter's Package (including the Tip Sheet Set), so there are no ongoing license fees. By purchasing the Seminar Presenter's Package you agree to use the package under the following simple guidelines:

  • The words, 'By Matt O'Neill & - Copyright 2016 - Used under licence' must always appear in the Powerpoint visuals and in the footer of the Tip Sheets.
  • The words, 'By Matt O'Neill, Dietitian -' must always appear with an article when you use the Tip Sheet content in your own newsletters or on your website.
  • Use of the Seminar Presenter's Package or Tip Sheet Set does not indicate approval or endorsement of your program or advice.
These points acknowledge Matt O'Neill as the developer of the Seminars and author of the Tip Sheets and their content, which you can now share with your clients.

Money-Back Guarantee

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE100% Money-Back Guarantee

There's no risk. If you're not satisfied with what you get out of your Seminar Presenter's Package, simply send it back in the original condition and we'll refund your money.

Matt O'Neill

How to order

Download a brochureOrder securely online - Or download an order form
Right click - Save as (700kb PDF)

Choose your product option (generic or with logo added to Tip Sheets) and location to order securely online.

Single User - Generic Seminar Presenter's Package
For single person, without logo on Tip Sheets
$AUD 499.00.

Single User - Logo Seminar Presenter's Package
For single person, with logo added to Tip Sheets
$AUD 598.00.

Multi User - Generic Seminar Presenter's Package
For multiple people at a single facility to use, without logo added to Tip Sheets
$AUD 699.00.

Multi User - Logo Seminar Presenter's Package
For multiple people at a single facility to use, with logo added to Tip Sheets
$AUD 798.00.

Upgrades for existing customers

SmartShape Tip 
SheetsUPGRADE BONUS 1 - For a limited time, upgrades are priced so you only pay the same as what you would if you initially purchased the upgraded product. This means you only pay the difference in price and no extra.

So, now is the time to enhance the value of your SmartShape Seminar Presenter's Package or Tip Sheet set by adding your logo, upgrading from the SmartShape Tip Sheet Set or allowing multiple users to utilise the Seminar Presenter's Package.

Add my logo $AUD 99.00 - Upgrade your existing kit to customised logo version

After receiving your purchase we will contact you to obtain a high-resolution image file (preferably .eps) of your logo for sample approval, then production.

$AUD 200.00 - Upgrade from Single-user to Multi-user Seminar Presenters Package
Obtain the license for all your staff at a single facility to share the Tip Sheets. License confirmed by email

Includes GST.

Presenter's Package delivered via Dropbox includes:
- 20 Written Seminar Guides, Snapshots, Powerpoint Notes and Transcripts
- Powerpoint slides
- Tip Sheet Set with all 60 Tip Sheets
- 20 seminar audios by Matt O'Neill

Seller is SmartShape Pty Ltd (Australia)
All payments in Australian dollars.
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Full Terms and Conditions

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