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Appetite Challenge Quiz

By Matt O'Neill, MSc(Nut&Diet), APD

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Take my APPETITE CHALLENGE QUIZ to find out if you are an appetite management Jedi master or still a young Luke Skywalker in training? ... Here's how it works:

Answer each of the appetite challenge questions below. They start with easier challenges & become more challenging.

If you answer 'Yes' to all questions, you are well on your way to appetite mastery. The questions you answer 'No' to are the areas to work on.

Mastery of any question's skill may be just the breakthrough for you. Combine all 7 appetite mastery skills & the force will grow strong in you.

Forgive the Star Wars references, but the force is strong in all of us & requires training & focus to master.

CHALLENGE 1 - Eat breakfast

Do you eat a nutrient-rich breakfast every day?

Grow stronger by

Eating breakfast, either wholegrain starches or protein (if you perform better or need to reduce carbs for blood sugar management) helps wire up your appetite chemicals correctly for the day.

CHALLENGE 2 - Plan snacks

Do you keep nutrient-rich snacks with you?

Grow stronger by
Having a good snack (think nuts, yoghurt, fruit) with you with you means you'll eat that on-the-go rather than get caught out eating junk.

CHALLENGE 3 - Make lunch

Do you make time for lunch, sit & savour the meal?

Grow stronger by
Making a lunch-break (no matter how small) a priority to eat mindfully rather than throwing down your food.

CHALLENGE 4 - Allow Hunger

Are you Ok with feeling a little hungry before dinner?

Grow stronger by
Waiting for dinner to satisfy you rather than picking at food within 30-mins of your evening meal will help reduce calorie overload.

CHALLENGE 5 - Leave food

Do you leave food on my plate if I start to feel satisfied?

Grow stronger by

Repeating my mantra "Better to go in the waste than around my waist." You are growing in skills young Jedi knight!

CHALLENGE 6 - Manage mood

Do you recognise when you are tired, stressed or in a particular mood drives that drives you to indulge & I take steps to change the situation?

Grow stronger by

Making sleep & time-out a priority to reduce the hormonal imbalances that produce cravings. Know your moods that trigger cravings & be ready to manage them without indulging.

CHALLENGE 6 - Recruit support

Have you informed your family that you are eating well & don't want any temptations to be offered by them?

Grow stronger by
Recruiting you family & friends to eat well too, support you & not undermine what is important to you. Have the conversation.

CHALLENGE 7 - Bounce back

When you have an unplanned indulgence, do you quickly get back on track with your nutrient-rich eating plan?

Grow stronger by
Reminding yourself that life happens, you are not perfect, you will be tempted & some meals or days may go pear-shaped. But don't let it push you off track for long. You don't need to let it get you down & can be back on target in no time!


Did you answer 'Yes' to all 7 of the 7 Appetite Challenge quiz questions?

If you didn't, work on the skills of your 'No' questions. I am confident that you will become the master.



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