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How much sugar do we eat? (26June) - Recommendations for sugar intake limit halved. Aim for natural sugars from fruit and dairy, but minimise added sugars - BBC News.

Cutting night time eating cuts kilojoules (18Jun) - Set yourself a rule stop eating after 7 or 8pm. Close the kitchen - Thinking Nutrition.

Does food addiction exist? (13Jun) - Food addicts may lack psychological inhibition & be be more susceptible to images of tempting food. Keep treats out of sight! - Medical News Today.

Protein powders - what are they & do you need them? (12June) - Get the facts & don't get caught up in the hype of protein powders - FoodWatch.

Does new study mean butter is back? (Jun) - A little butter looks like is won't harm. The key is to adopt a dietary pattern, like the Mediterranean Diet - Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter.

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Meal timing
Nutrition Qualification Confusion (NQC) - I explain what Fitness Professionals can & can't say about nutrition.

Dairy for fat loss - So many people give up dairy on weight loss diets, but dairy is your friend for fat loss, as I explain in this article.

Gluten - Should you be afraid? - There's a buzz around that humans can't eat grains or gluten. Before you go gluten-free read my article for the facts.

Paleo diet - Do I need to eat like a caveman? - Here's what you need to know about the latest diet trend that sends you back to the hunter-gatherer era.

Eat nuts & lose weight 3 ways - Learn how nuts can be a slimmer's best food friend.

Nutrient timing - When should you use it? - Learn why "nutrient timing" is the hot new nutrition term buzzing around gym floors and PT classes.

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